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Exploring Greenwich Village

Exploring Greenwich Village: 9 Tips for a Great Self-Guided Tour

Once known for its Bohemian culture and acceptance (or at least tolerance) of alternate lifestyles, exploring Greenwich Village is a must. Although the rich culture that Greenwich is known for has now infiltrated the rest of NYC, it remains one of the most laid-back and authentic places in Manhattan.

Take a self-guided walking tour of the Village, and be sure to stop in at some of these places, which are favored by native New Yorkers and tourists alike:

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park has an impressive, if somewhat morbid, history. It was first used for public execution and as a cemetery for the poor. Later, it became the Washington Military Parade Ground, and in 1827 it was finally crowned a public park. In 1892, the recognizable Washington Arch was completed.

Today, it’s a place for children to play, dogs to run, locals to play chess, and performers to show off.

Washington Square Park

Mercer Street Books & Records

This shop has been around for thirty years, and its atmosphere embodies much of the culture that is Greenwich Village. They specialize in used and out of print books, as well as LPs.


If you need some refreshment on your travels, pop into Bosie’s Tea Parlor. They have a wide selection of tea, from Earl Grey to Matcha. You can sit at the bar or enjoy a seated champagne brunch with your choice of tiny sandwiches, pastries, and, of course, tea.


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FRIENDS Apartment (90 Bedford St)

Somewhere along the way, Greenwich Village became trendy. As a result, its buildings have been featured in several popular television shows. You can walk by 90 Bedford Street to see the apartment that was used in the exterior shots of the sitcom FRIENDS.

Carrie Bradshaw Apartment (66 Perry St)

A short walk from Bedford Street is the famous apartment used for exterior shots in the show, Sex, and the City. There is a chain across the steps to prevent strangers from invading the privacy of the current residents, but they seem at least resigned to being part of a tourist attraction. Feel free to take pictures in front of the steps, but please put a dollar in the donation box for homeless animals.

The Stonewall Inn

The Stonewall Riots spurred the Pride movement. As a result, The Stonewall Inn is one of the most important buildings in Greenwich Village.

Marie’s Crisis Café

Stop in for a show-tune singalong. More than just a fun piano bar, this place has a history of being a safe haven for the queer community. It’s also the place where Thomas Paine, who wrote the crisis papers prior to The American Revolution, died.

Blue Note Jazz Club

If you enjoy jazz, you must stop into this world-renowned club. It opened in 1981 and has seen performances by Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, and Liza Minelli.


After trekking through the Village and immersing yourself in all, it has to offer, stop at Lupa for dinner. There is no better spot for authentic Italian cuisine.


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It’s just a half-hour walk or a 12-minute taxi ride from The Marmara Park Avenue to Greenwich Village. Spend your day exploring Greenwich Village, and spend your night in luxury.

Choose The Marmara Park Avenue as your starting point when exploring Greenwich Village. 

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