Centrally located yet conveniently discrete, The Marmara Park Avenue situates guests a heartbeat away from the pulse of New York City. While the hotel occupies a quiet corner in the up and coming Nomad Neighborhood, just north of Madison Square Park, visitors will find that Manhattan’s most storied attractions are closer than they imagined. From the Empire State Building and the legendary boutiques of Fifth Avenue, to the serenity of Madison Square Park, The Marmara Park Avenue delivers the best of Manhattan. Guests can discover an unparalleled range of restaurants and bars mere steps away from the comfort of their rooms. Conveniently located near Grand Central Station and boasting more than 8 train lines in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, The Marmara Park Avenue makes easily accessible every corner of New York City.

Get Directions The Marmara Park Avenue 114 E 32 St New York, NY 10016

From JFK International Airport: Start out going southeast and take the ramp toward Airport Exit/Other Terminals. Stay straight to go onto JFK Expressway and merge onto I-678 N/Van Wyck Expy toward Airport Exit/Return To Terminals/Long Term Parking/Rental Car Returns. Merge onto Grand Central Pky W via EXIT 10 on the left toward La Guardia Airport/Triboro Br.Take the I-495/Long Is Expwy exit, EXIT 10E-W, toward Manhattan/Eastern Long Island and merge onto I-495 W via EXIT 10W on the left (Portions toll).Take the exit on the left toward 34 St/Downtown/35 St and stay straight to go onto Tunnel Exit St/Queens Midtown Tunnel Exit.Turn right onto E 34th St. Turn left onto Lexington Ave, which is just past 3rd Ave, then turn right onto E 31st St.Take the 1st right onto Park Ave S. Take the 1st right onto E 32nd St. and The Marmara Park Avenue is on the right.

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From La Guardia Airport: Depart toward La Guardia Rd and bear left onto La Guardia Rd. Take ramp right for Grand Central Pkwy West toward Triboro Br and at exit 4, take ramp right for Bklyn-QNS Expwy toward Staten Island. Take ramp and follow signs for I-278 West. At exit 35W, take ramp right for I-495 West toward Manhattan / Midtown Tun Toll Road and take ramp toward Downtown / 35 St / 34 St. Turn right onto E 35th St, then turn left onto Lexington Ave. Turn right onto E 31st St then turn right onto Park Ave S, and then immediately turn right onto E 32nd St.

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From Newark Liberty International Airport: Depart Brewster Rd toward Conrad Rd and take ramp left and follow signs for US-9 North / US-1 North. Take ramp right for I-95 toward Exits 16e-18e / Lincoln Tunnel (Toll Road) and at exit 16E, take ramp right for RT-495 East toward Lincoln Tunnel (stop for Toll) toll Road Entering New York. Keep straight onto Dyer Ave then turn left onto W 34th St. Turn right onto 5th Ave (McDonald’s on the corner) and turn left onto E 32nd St.

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