5 Best Walks to Experience Fall Foliage in NYC

5 Best Walks to Experience Fall Foliage in NYC

New York City is known for its bright lights and glamour. However, NYC parks have an abundance of quiet beauty to offer, especially during the fall season. If you’re looking to relax and unwind during your stay, we recommend taking some time out to admire the fall foliage in New York.

Here are a few of our favorite fall foliage walks:

1. Prospect Park

Prospect Park in Brooklyn boasts colorful foliage in the form of tulip trees, raspberry bushes, maple trees, and oak trees. The Park Alliance recommends walking from the Peninsula to Lookout Hill for a lovely lake view. For a more reflective walk, try the trek from Grand Army Plaza to Meadowport Arch.

Preview various events happening at Prospect Park here.


2. Central Park

Central Park always makes the list, and with good reason. The space was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, also known for heading the landscape architecture of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Every plant, path, and ornament has been carefully placed to allow for the ultimate botanical experience.

You can experience the beauty by simply stepping foot in the park, but the Central Park Conservancy has created a Fall Foliage Map to be sure you don’t miss array of colorful foliage.

3. Clove Lakes Park

Located on Staten Island, this park boasts an abundance of woodlands, running paths, and even a waterfall. One of the main fall foliage attractions here is the 300-year-old tulip tree—the oldest living thing on the island!

4. Inwood Hill Park

Inwood Hill Park presents a unique opportunity for visitors to see a New York City autumn in its original form. Unlike most NYC parks, which have been carefully and beautifully designed by world-famous landscape architects, Inwood Hill is all-natural. Discover Manhattan’s last natural salt marsh and try to spy a bald eagle while you admire the fall foliage from your vantage point on the hiking trail.

5. Van Cortlandt Park

If your travels take you to the Bronx, we highly recommend taking some time out to stroll through Van Cortlandt Park. It has 1,146 acres of wetlands and woodlands, which means there will be plenty of beautiful autumnal attractions.


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