5 Uniquely Delicious Ice Cream Shops in Manhattan

5 Uniquely Delicious Ice Cream Shops in Manhattan

Summer has come to NYC bringing its sparkly, sunny, and glittered spirit!

Among all the joys of summer, ice cream has a particular place. During your visit to NYC, ice cream will be your favorite for enjoying the hot days and nights of the summer.

Here, we introduce to you five uniquely delicious ice cream shops in Manhattan where their ice creams are more delicious than each other.

il laboratorio del gelato

Location: 188 Ludlow St, New York City, NY 10002

Il Laboratorio Del Gelato is literally like a laboratory of gelato!

Gelato basically means ice cream in Italian. Since 2002, this lab has been widening its flavors spectrum and now, it has a magnitude of flavors. The flavors are rotated every day so you can taste various kinds of their specials like cream cheese, rice, and vanilla saffron.

Their sorbets are also liked very much. They have various options of sorbets like yuzu, acai, persimmon, lemon ginger, coconut, and so on.

This place will blow your mind even if you are not an absolute ice cream fan.  

big gay ice cream shop

Location: 207 Front St, New York, NY 10038 & 516 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

Since 2009, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop brings out ice creams with new presentations. It combines ice cream with fun and color.

Their ice cream, milkshakes, and tasty cones are famous. This shop especially likes to mix ice cream with other desserts like in ‘Dorothy’ (vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche which is covered with cookies).

‘Salty Pimp’ which is made with vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate, and salt is one of their most recommended taste.

With weekly rotating flavors, they offer people opportunities to experience various adventurous tastes.

morgernstern’s finest ice cream

Location: 88 W. Houston St., New York, NY 10012

Morgernstern's has the most assorted and special options in terms of ice cream and toppings.

It has all the basic and classic tastes of what you expect from ice cream but also lets you experience new delicious flavors like raspberry lemongrass, salted malted vanilla, olive oil chocolate eggplant, Vietnamese coffee rum, and so on that you barely can across in other ice cream shops.

They offer also a huge range of toppings options. You can prefer pickled pineapple or salted caramel or whatever you want to discover.

This place is vegan friendly also. You can find vegan sorbet alternatives here.

van leeuwen artisan ice cream

Location: 48 1/2 East 7th St, New York, NY 10003

The journey of Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream begins with a yellow ice cream truck in NYC. Now, you can find its shops in many cities in the USA.

The motto of the company is to make delicious ice creams for everyone’s happiness.

This shop produces dairy-based ice creams like most ice cream shops. Honeycomb, peanut butter marshmallow crunch, and earl grey tea are their most loved ice cream flavors.

Moreover, their menu for vegan ice cream is fantastic. Their vegan ice creams are called the best in the city. Especially, their flavors with vegan biscuits and oat milk are highly praised by vegans.

taiyaki nyc

Location: 119 Baxter St, New York, NY 10013

‘Taiyaki’ means fried fish in Japanese culture and it is significant to this culture. Inspiring by this, Taiyaki NYC becomes famous for its waffle cones that are shaped as fish figures.

This is unique for this ice cream shop!

Traditional flavors of Japanese cuisine like matcha and black sesame also give an authentic aroma to their delicious products. You can also find other kinds of Asian-inspired creations in Taiyaki NYC.

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