Find the Best Unique Gifts At These New York City Stores

Find the Best Unique Gifts At These New York City Stores

The Marmara Park Avenue is located near some of New York City’s most fashionable shops and boutiques. Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, and the surrounding areas provide some of the best shopping options in NYC, especially during the holiday season.

In our opinion, the unique gift options are what set these stores apart. Expect stellar service, top quality merchandise, and gifts for everyone on your list at the following stores in New York City:


What they sell: High-end clothing and accessories for the whole family.

Gift options that stand out: We love their t-shirt for young girls who might not be ready for an actual Fendi bag. It sports a trompe l’oeil baguette bag that gives the illusion of carrying the real thing. One of the perks of shopping at Fendi is that If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, they offer personal shoppers and a made-to-order service.

New York Vintage, Inc.

What they sell: A large and eclectic collection of vintage fashion.

Gift options that stand out: New York Vintage, Inc is an official partner of Valentino Vintage, making it the ideal place to shop for any fans of the designer. They also have a selection of 1990s Versace dresses and Chanel accessories that would thrill any couture lover.

Scully & Scully

What they sell: Gifts and home décor.

Gift options that stand out: We love Scully & Scully’s selection of holiday collectibles. From something classic like a white bronze nativity set to something more modern like a snowman scene featuring beloved pets, their exclusive figurines are sure to brighten anyone’s holiday. They also offer unique options for the people in your life who might enjoy something different, such as a fox-shaped footrest.

Canali Boutique

What they sell: Men’s clothing and accessories.

Gift options that stand out: Men are notoriously difficult to shop for, but Canali makes it easy to please every gentleman on your shopping list. Go for something classic like these rust-colored tartan cufflinks and classic silk tie, or consider this attractive and artistic calfskin messenger bag.

Tiffany & Company

What they sell: Luxury jewelry, fragrance, and accessories.

Gift options that stand out: No NYC gift-shopping trip is complete without a visit to Tiffany & Co. If the holidays make you feel especially romantic, they are known for their stunning array of elegant engagement rings. They even have options for the little ones on your list, like piggy banks featuring the iconic blue hue, as well as a selection of high-end gifts you can personalize.

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