3 Amazing Indoor Activities for Kids this Winter

Winter indoors can be a tough time for kids. Boredom, canceled plans, inactivity, and did I say boredom can all set in at once. For adults this is a great opportunity to bring out the best in your kids imagination.

Try combining a little ingenuity, with a surprise feature thrown in and the days will soon melt away along with the bitter cold.

It’s time to bring out some adventure, imagination, and plain old human interaction.

New traditions may be born today.

Pin the Tail on the Prize

If the truth is known, this one is for the parents as well. It’s OK. No one else must know.

The point of difference?  While it may be a take on the classic party game, the kids will be pinning a city, a city full of history and fun.

Take turns blindfolded and stick a map pin in Manhattan.

Once determined what is identified, be it building, eatery, or store, research the site for its history or weird fun-fact.

Repeat until you have six places, or a few for each child. Research every one of the sites.

Write them down. The pin closest to the prize wins.

So, where’s the prize? Thought you’d never ask.

As your final destination, be sure to tell of the life of  The Marmara Park Avenue and its surroundings now, and in days gone by.

This is an activity filled with the promise of creating memories, a hint of education, and a bit of luxury even kids will enjoy.

This winter activity will have everyone falling in love (or back) with New York City.

Benefits: Staycation. Historical lessons. Something to look forward to.

Startup: Map of Manhattan, map pins or sticky dots, blindfold

Connect with the Real Indoor Activities

Like many parents, you may feel the fine art of writing has been lost to the newer technologies, so If you’re serious about bringing it back into the fold, consider forming a writing activities club for your kids.

Obviously one for older children who can write and communicate, but younger ones can participate too with drawings of their own.

What kind of writing club?

Writing activities can be as easy as a letter to a grandparent, a relative living internationally, or a short story focusing on what their life would be like if they were a fireman, a dancer, or a Rockstar.

At the other end of the scale, in the USA many children have joined Pen Pal clubs. These clubs allow a connection with a real person, living locally, or internationally with whom kids can write real letters and receive the same.

You’d be surprised at how many friendships are made, different languages are learned, and little minds are opened by one simple connection.

Definitely, a little bit of research to begin with is a must-do, but if this interests you and your kids, you will soon be on your way.

Let’s bring back pen and paper.

A writing club is old-school networking, and a great way to kick off what could become a family favorite, and an excellent relationship-building exercise.

Benefits:  Increased communication and written skills. Social connection outside of their current world.

Startup: Research some clubs. Pen and paper.

Cook Up Indoor Activities 

When Mother Nature puts your outdoor plans on hold, you can quickly turn things around.

Teaching kids how to cook is one of the most productive things you can do. Knowing their way around a kitchen, even as a much-needed sous chef, is invaluable in teaching the art of life skills.

Where do you start?

Start with the basics. Something they’ll want to eat, but where they still need you to supervise.

Cakes and cookies are a great way to begin, as is anything with eggs. There’s something satisfying about smashing an egg into a bowl.

For the very young, consider the safety of your kitchen before you start. Remove all unnecessary items, plus the more room you have, the better.

Try researching a few no-bake recipes, especially for smaller kids, where appliances may be off-limits for a few years.

It doesn’t have to be messy but remember there are no rules here. No one will be crying over spilled milk, just laughing covered in goop and rice crispies.

Benefits: Life skills. Hygiene around food.

Startup: Basic cooking utensils and a few easy recipes.


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