Make Your Own Adventure on a Self-Guided Tour of Brooklyn

Make Your Own Adventure on a Self-Guided Tour of Brooklyn

It takes one hour to get from Marmara Park Avenue to Brooklyn, and half that time to get to the bridge. Since this is a self-guided tour of Brooklyn, we have to recommend walking The Brooklyn Bridge.

It’s an experience that native New Yorkers and visitors alike should experience at least once.

1 – brooklyn bridge

This 6,000-footbridge, completed in 1883, is a National Historic Landmark that has been featured in more movies and TV shows than we can count. It connects Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River and provides a picturesque photo op. Make sure you don’t accidentally wander into the bicycle lane, and it can be an amazing experience.

2 – olmsted on vanderbilt ave

Once off The Brooklyn Bridge, it may be best to make the hour-long trek to Prospect Park right away while you’ve still got plenty of energy. Consider stopping at Olmsted for lunch. This restaurant offers a seasonal menu and creative cocktails.

3 – prospect park

Prospect Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1859. It opened to the public in 1867 and boasts plenty of wide, open spaces as well as attractions like a zoo, carousel, playgrounds, horseback riding, and the massive Boathouse.

4 – Devoción

The purpose of this cafe is to offer customers the freshest coffee. They work with independent coffee producers in Colombia to achieve this. Coffee is dried in Colombia and is roasted in New York. Then it comes to Brooklyn in a few days. And it is served as soon as possible. They are very proficient at this and are confident in themselves. They say: "We are the only company in the world that roasts true farm-fresh coffee only 10 days after leaving origin, light years quicker than the industry norm of 6-12 months." 

You should include this flavor in your Brooklyn trip.

5 – brooklyn museum

The Brooklyn Museum has an impressive collection of Egyptian art as well as classic European art and modern art. They always have a lot of enlightening events and a weekly pop-up market.

6 – brooklyn botanic garden

Advance tickets are required for this floral masterpiece, located in the heart of Brooklyn. Besides gorgeous flowers, you can expect to learn quite a bit about local wildlife and acquire a true appreciation for gardening.

7 – brooklyn heights promenade

Make your way back towards the bridge. View gorgeous townhouses and mansions as you walk, jog, or rollerblade this scenic stretch. From this spot, you can view Manhattan, the East River, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Be sure to snap plenty of photos!

8 – brooklyn bridge park

Another scenic spot in Brooklyn. Here, you can play on the beach, walk the pier, or decide to take one of the ferries back to Manhattan. Play sports, enjoy kayaking, visit Jane’s Carousel, explore the gardens, and view beautiful artwork.

9 – New York Transit Museum 

The New York Transit Museum is located on Schermerhorn Street in downtown Brooklyn. The museum is located in the historic metro station, which was closed to service in 1936. They display historical railway artifacts. 

There are old subway cars, equipment, signs, and a gift shop. You can add the New York Transit Museum to your itinerary to see antique artifacts and buy a nice gift for yourself and your loved ones.

10 – grimaldi’s pizzeria on front street

By the time you’re done at the park, you’ll probably have worked up an appetite. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is famous for their house-made, hand-tossed, coal-brick-oven pizza. Grab some food here and then head over to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for dessert.

11 – brooklyn ice cream factory

This hot spot (cold spot?) offers small-batch ice cream in Brooklyn Heights. Their menu might seem simple, but just take a look at one of their famous special sundaes and you’ll know why it’s a must-see during your self-guided tour of Brooklyn.

12 – brooklyn war memorial

The Brooklyn War Memorial honors the men and women of Brooklyn who served during World War II. Dedicated in 1951, this impressive monument is found in Cadman Plaza Park. 

From this last stop, it’s a quick walk back to the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, and the comfortable bed awaiting you at The Marmara Park Avenue.

Visit NYC today, and choose The Marmara Park Avenue for a relaxing stay after your self-guided tour of Brooklyn. Book now!