NYC in July Events and Tips

The summer has steamed ahead in New York City! July, the middle of the summer, keeps shining with its sun and spirit all around the city.

tips for visiting nyc in july

The hot days are escalating in NYC, so it's excellent for outdoor activities. If you plan to travel to New York in July, remember that every day gets hotter than before. So, bring your lightest summer clothes, hats, and sunglasses.

The average temperature is 82F (27C) for daytime, and nights are around 65F (18C) this month. There will be a few rainy days, and you can keep a tiny umbrella, but the vast majority of the days will be sunny and hot so that you will feel the summer of NYC.

nyc events in july

NYC calls you to various outdoor events at the heart of the summer season. You can enjoy this fantastic city's open-air activities during your visit to NYC.

Let’s take a look at some catchy events of July.

summer concerts at ‘the rooftop at pier 17’

The summer of 2022 livens up with concerts on The Rooftop at Pier 17. The shows of most favorite artists will be on the stage. The summer concert series will host more than 60 spectacular artists like Simple Plan, The Offspring, Bikini Kill, Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Blondie, Franz Ferdinand, and many more.

The July program starts on July 7 with Yacht Rock Revue 2022 Tour and ends with Chase Atlantic-Cold Nights Tour 2022 on July 30&31.

You can have the chance to watch performances of exceptional talents on the stage under the stars and open night sky. You should not miss it!

manhattan park pool party

You should consider visiting this Roosevelt Island pool to cool off on the hot NYC days.  Every year, the Manhattan Park community organizes creative designed pool installations. This year's artist is Hratch Arbach, who designed the pool around the theme ‘sustainability.’

The artists create this installation with the assistance of the island's residents.

It is open for both Manhattan Park residents and visitors. You should definitely see this pool that contains the touch of nature. So, you can find more information here.

the first padel club in NYC

Padel Haus is the new upscale fitness center with four professional-size padel courts. It is opening in July 2022 and will be the first padel club in NYC.

There is also the city's first and only padel pro shop, a co-ed steam room, an elevated viewing lounge, and organic juice bar services for visitors.

With the modern design and amazing atmosphere, Pedal Haus is a center for fans of padel and sports. So you should a least have a look there!

the oasis dance floor

Lincoln Center's "Summer for the City" program brings the largest outdoor dance floor to the city. At the center of The Oasis, a massive 10-foot disco ball is ready for the dancers. In addition, the program will include fascinating dance events, silent disco parties, outdoor music venues, concerts, and workshops during July.

The magnificent dance floor is open and accessible to the public during the day. So it is available for a mid-day dance break. This is the stage you should be on!

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