NYC in May: Events and Tips

The spring is already blossoming in New York City. As a bountiful period of the year, May is here with its abundance, joy, and charm. 

Tips for visiting NYC in May

NYC offers its best in May in terms of weather and activities. If you are planning a trip to NYC, bring your favorite outfit with you. A light jacket will work perfectly for sunny days; however, you may still enjoy your coat during night’s chill time. 


More precisely, the average temperature is 70F (22C) during the day, and it falls to 55F (12C) at night or early morning. So you will mostly enjoy the sun here in NYC during May. 

NYC events in May

May is a great time to discover NYC’s eye-catching streets and heart-warming vitaly. As the sun is shining brighter, the outdoors of the city will call you even though you will still find activities on the inside. 


Here are some outstanding events in May that you can enjoy during your trip.

New York Indian Film Festival

From May 7 to 14, NYC will host the Indian Fim Festival. As North America’s oldest festival, it honors alternative and independent artwork of the global Indian cinema. In 2022, the festival is offering 60 screenings, including a collection of shorts exploring LGBTIQ stories in India, such as Dal Bhat, Keep Punching, Kiss, Man & Wife, My Mother’s Girlfriend, Pariah, and The Way We Are. 


If you’re traveling with your kids, you can introduce the Indian movies to them by joining Boomba Ride (Assamese) and Gandhi & Co. (Gujarati) screenings. 

Flower Craft

You can revel in "Flower Craft" at The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) between May 14 and June 26. It’s a spectacular event with the works of six botanical artists, who have created a new perspective to interpret nature in a sculptural form. 


This year’s Flower Craft is also unique as the visitor will have the chance to see MAD’s first-ever bee residency on the roof.


If you want to put your hands to work, the museum is also inviting you to flower craft studio classes with artists. 

The PEN World Voices Literary Festival 

Greenwich Village will be home to more than 30 events, uniting a unique lineup of writers, international politics, and the chance to give a free speech between May 11-14. The highlights of the festival are


  • Ukrainian writer and PEN Ukraine President Andrey Kurkov, 
  • an opening night event featuring 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Abdulrazak Gurnah,
  • conversations of acclaimed authors such as Sheila Heti & Jenny Egan, and David Grossman & Dara Horn; 
  • an evening of forbidden books, discussions of climate change, indigenous reckoning and reconciliation, migration, and feminism/women's rights. 

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