nyc in september: events and tips

As summer comes to an end, New York is getting ready to warm you up with carnivals. You can choose from a number of enjoyable activities.

tips for visiting nyc in september

NYC continues to enjoy hot days, so events can be held in comfort. If you plan to travel to New York this month, bring your lightest summer clothes, hats, and sunglasses.

Throughout this month, the average temperature is 81.9°F (27.7°C) during the day and 74.8°F (23.8°C) at night. 

Also, the season has changed slightly. It will rain from time to time, so keep an umbrella handy. But the vast majority of the days will be sunny and cloudy and let you feel the sunshine on you.

nyc events in september

The city of New York continues to be awesome with its unique experiences on these days leading up to spring. While in NYC, you will be able to explore the exceptional features of this beautiful city. 

Here are some of September's must-see events.

new york fashion week 

New York Fashion Week, one of the most influential shows in the field of fashion, will start on September 9. View the latest fashion designs from the top designers at this stunning location, surrounded by beautiful color schemes. The event gives inspiration not only to fashion lovers but also to all people’s artistic aspects.

Fashion Week offers visitors curated VIP experiences, unique behind-the-scenes moments, and private styling and shopping. 

for the birds

Ever seen a collection of creative birdhouses? A special exhibition will be held to showcase this extraordinary concept.

For The Birds, an exhibition created by Brooklyn Botanic Garden, displays a variety of birdhouses designed by artists. A team of dedicated professionals ensures that visitors have an enjoyable experience at the exhibition.

Discover how birds and their habitats are connected. The exhibition will continue till October 23. Check for details.

September 11th, New York City

A variety of activities are taking place to commemorate 9/11.

You can join them at the New York Historical Center to mark the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Many movies and exhibitions portray how people felt on that terrible day and help us understand and remember them.

2022 West Indian Day Parade

The annual celebration of West Indian culture will be on Sep. 5 this year.

With its colors, sequins, and music, Carnival attracts 2 to 3 million people each year. Among the countries represented in the parade are Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Barbados, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and Grenada, Guyana, Suriname, and Belize.

Be sure not to miss the pre-parade party, J'ouvert (daybreak in French).

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