Relax at These Top Rated NYC Spas

Relax at These Top Rated NYC Spas

There are times when the words wellness and luxury combine to create a certain state of mind.

A New York state of mind? Sure, but it is more than that. It’s not something that can simply be put in a single word, but instead a feeling that should be experienced.

When you feel like you’re being pulled in all directions, cut the ropes and chase that feeling.

Where?  To a top-rated NYC spa.

Give in to it.

We won’t tell anyone.

the marmara wellness experience nyc

Located within the walls of this first-class hotel lies serenity. Tenfold.

For many, this center is a secret, preferred hidden forever. Luxury at your whim, on your time, and for whatever reason, this establishment should be seen by the few and only heard about, right? But that would mean keeping it from others, wouldn’t it?

Choose from the Turkish Hammam, an ancient tradition mixed with modern accouterments. A gym is here if you wish to get in a workout before you treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation and pampering. Maybe a full Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and even prenatal massages to round out the day is your self-appointed fate.

Serenity is not just a word. It’s a state of mind.

You may be in the city that never sleeps, but here you’ll want to close your eyes, just for a moment, or more.

As a member or one-off visitor, you will feel immediately at home with interiors specifically designed to relax you and help forget the bustling city outside.

Accommodation at the hotel, of course, matches the luxury and is just as inviting if you decide to stay longer.

The decision will be easy.

Why You Need to Come here: This is the accommodation like no other, combined with the comfort and convenience of a first-class spa established for guests of the hotel, visitors, and locals alike.

Where: Marmara Wellness Center The Marmara Park Avenue 114 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016


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Ph: (212) 603 9000

 Joanna Vargas Spa

This is the go-to salon for facials and body treatments in NYC without a doubt.

The spa is light and fresh with windows allowing sneak peeks on a busy world outside, gladly a world away at that point.

So, what is on offer at Joanna Vargas spa?

Facial treatments abound. Light rejuvenation, peels, and body treatments including full-body dermabrasion will seem like a menu of relaxation for those yet uninitiated.

Yes, first-timers, this spa ticks all the boxes. Atmosphere, selection, products galore, and the reputation to back it all up.

For locals and return visitors, the extent of treatments here is what keeps many on the customer list. But there is another fundamental reason.

This establishment’s namesake has a particular philosophy that believes everyone can have beautiful, glowing skin that lasts beyond one session.

Beautiful, relaxing, and worth the trip to NYC for out-of-towners.

Definitely, one to try.

Why You Need to Come here:  The products. Plant-based ingredients are married ceremoniously with the latest technological advances in modern-day skincare. Suitable for all skin types, you’ll surely find something to take home.

Where:  Salon 501 5th Ave, 3rd NEW YORK, NY 10017.

Ph: 212-949-2350

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 Rescue Spa NYC

The Rescue Spa describes itself as transformative. A big call but an even bigger undertaking, but one that is met with the beauty and soundings to back it up.

The first step into this New York luxury spa will have you believing it is indeed altering if the word means to take you away from the everyday.

Willingly. Gladly.

This space is calming in its interiors, no doubt a conscious effort, and unashamedly so.

Spacious and inviting, Rescue Spa offers treatments for those looking to remove environmental impurities from the skin hair, and nails on one hand, while offering advice and treatments on our most bothersome of skin circumstances on the other.

Age spots, redness, or even the sun’s own kisses; the humble freckles, can be met with treatments ready to put them at the back of your mind, instead of the forefront.

Why You Need to Come Here: The rejuvenating skin treatments have no downtime, which means you can keep the rest of your day on schedule without delays. The luxurious retail boutique tops off the day in style.

Where: The Flatiron District- 29 East 19th Street New York, NY 10003

Ph: 1-866-772-2766



Pratima Spa

Think you’ve seen it all?

It may be the candlelight. It may be the wooden and maroon interiors. If you find it hard to pinpoint exactly why you feel something special the second you walk in, you’re not alone.

Simply take it all in and enjoy.

This spa itself and the exotic treatments available are made for the busy New Yorker, and visitor alike.

Ready to learn about Ayurveda and Doshas?

Ayurveda tells us that each of us has five main elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth within us. Each of these combines with our individual personalities and strengths to become one of three Doshas, or better known as our “blueprint” for health and wellness.

Choose the treatments which are specifically made for your Dosha.

Be sure to take the Dosha quiz before attending Pratima Spa.

Many see this 5000-year-old belief system as a future way of understanding themselves and how they can live life better.

Guests expecting out of the ordinary can be guaranteed this place will not let you down.

Escapism at its finest.

Why You Need to Come here: The point of difference. Ayurvedic rituals specific to each person calm both the inner and outer body.

Where: Soho Building 110 Greene St #701, New York, NY 10012, United States

Ph: 212.581.8136


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NYC offers a lot. The best in fine food, the city life buzz and excitement like nowhere else in the world, and where the people are proud to show it off, but when the need to rest, and renew is high on your agenda, this city will show you the way.

Life can be exhausting, but there is one thing that can take it all away.

NYC offers you a calmness you may not have expected.

When it’s time to stop, try a NYC spa.

Stay for a while after you take advantage of the best spa treatments NYC has to offer.

Superb accommodation, is available now in a setting you may never want to leave Book now for the best in New York City break.