Sail the City: Experiencing New York's Charm on Boat Tours

There are few views in the world more iconic than that of the New York City skyline. Whether it’s the Hudson River backlit by the sunset or the Statue of Liberty rising high into the sky, the vistas around Manhattan are absolutely spectacular. In New York Harbor and the Hudson and East Rivers, urban allure melds perfectly with the enchantment of open water. One of the most luxurious ways to experience New York City’s charm is on a boat tour, an adventure that combines history, sightseeing, libations, and unparalleled sights. 

Here are some of the best boat tours to make the most of your time in New York City. 

1. Manhattan Architecture Yacht Cruise

Run the clock back to the 1920s with this architecture cruise around the island of Manhattan. In an experience that will allow you to live your Great Gatsby dreams, you will be introduced to some of the most iconic architecture on the island of Manhattan. The tour is run by a professional architect who will highlight the secrets and details of New York City’s skyline that aren’t accessible to the average tourist. 

Organized by the American Institute of Architects New York, this nearly three-hour cruise will take you around the entire island while you enjoy a beverage and some fascinating sights and stories. Book your tickets here

2. New York Sunset Schooner Cruise

Enjoy a gorgeous sunset from the Hudson River on this two-hour cruise. This experience is held on a masted sailboat and takes guests to see sights such as the One World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Battery Park, and more. It’s a classic cruise with great photo opportunities and an unforgettable perspective of the New York City skyline. 

Each cruise includes one complimentary beverage. Book your tickets here

3. Brunch Cruise Around Manhattan

Another cruise on a 1920s-inspired yacht, the highlight of this experience is not just the sights — it’s the delicious brunch offered onboard. At nearly three hours, this leisurely trip around New York City’s waters is the perfect way to spend a weekend morning or afternoon. The cuisine is all traditional New York City fare, in a three-course prix fixe menu featuring the freshest ingredients. 

As you devour the brunch, you’ll also be treated to views all along the harbor, in an unparalleled multisensory experience. Tickets include the price of brunch, and you can buy them here.

4. Private Yacht Cruise to the Statue of Liberty

Looking for a more personal experience? Embark on this private yacht cruise to the Statue of Liberty. This two-hour journey from Chelsea Pier to New York Harbor offers 360-degree views of New York City, a personalized experience, luxury lounges, champagne, and more. Offers for groups of up to six, this is the perfect opportunity for couples, friends, families, or anyone looking to take in New York City from a private perch.

To book this exclusive yacht cruise, click here

5. Morning Sailing Tour with Mimosas

A classic white schooner awaits to take you around the calm blue waters of New York City. This tour is known for its magnificent views, morning champagne bar — complete with sandwiches and sweet treats — and classic boat. Offering unlimited drinks, a 90-minute sail, and a great group of guests, this morning sailing tour is the perfect way to kick off a boozy weekend or celebrate a special occasion. 

See Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, the Financial District, and more when you set off on this morning sailing tour. Get your tickets here

No matter whether you prefer an architectural tour, a boozy morning cruise, spectacular sunset views, or brunch on a yacht, New York City’s waters offer a boat tour for you. From luxury to history, these five tours have you covered with some of the best experiences out there. 

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