Stores and Showrooms: The Best Shopping in New York

Stores and Showrooms: The Best Shopping in New York

New York City has always been synonymous with fashion.

From its dominance in textile and clothing manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution, to having all eyes fixed upon Fashion Week, New York City has influenced fashion for centuries around the world.

The stores and showrooms of New York create a veritable shopper’s paradise. In true New York style, its variety, unmistakable quality, and sheer volume of stores attract shoppers from all over the world.

From iconic designer showrooms, to cutting-edge fashion boutiques and world-famous department stores, New York City shopping offers something for everyone.

Here are a few of our favorite shopping destinations:

The Classic Style of Fifth Avenue

The famous stores along Fifth Avenue reflect the pinnacle of fashion. From 49th to 60th street, 5th Avenue features the most luxurious flagship stores of both retail giants and couture designers. This iconic area of has attracted the most fashionable consumers—and enchanted window shoppers—for over 100 years.

Here is a sampling of stores along Fifth Avenue that you won’t want to miss…

At Bergdorf and Goodman you’ll discover its legendary elegance and world-class service. Situated inside the former Vanderbilt family mansion, there are sumptuous dressing rooms with views of Central Park, and a Penthouse salon and day spa.

Needing no introduction, Tiffany & Co on Fifth Avenue is a must-see for any NYC shopping excursion. With six stories of glittering elegance, feeling “blue” takes on a whole different meaning at Tiffany’s.

Armani’s concept store offers everything you would expect: impressive architectural design elements, impeccably-designed suits, footwear, cosmetics, jeans, clothing, evening wear and accessories from Armani’s lines for both men and women.

You’ll want to go to Louis Vuitton for its fabulous handbags, but this flagship location offers so much more. The French design house also features eyeglasses, jewelry, shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear pieces.

Gucci offers all the opulence and style you can imagine. Along with its iconic horse bit leather handbags and loafers, there are Gucci home furnishings, women’s wear, formal wear, sunglasses, accessories and exquisite jewelry.

The Best of Boutiques

The boutiques of New York City offer a more intimate shopping experience than larger retail establishments. They feature exciting and often exclusive merchandise from the world’s most talented designers and craftspeople. These shops offer signature pieces and customer service that perfectly signify their unique brand.

Schott on Elizabeth St. in Soho, is “An American Original Since 1913,” crafting premium motorcycle and flight jackets, peacoats, duffle coats, sportswear, outerwear and knits for over a hundred years. When Marlon Brando donned their “Perfecto” motorcycle in the classic film The Wild One, Schott’s place in American culture was solidified.

Boutique Ludivine on the Upper East Side caters to styling women in the best fashions from Europe. The boutique’s namesake, Ludivine, travels to Paris periodically to bring back pieces from “groundbreaking designers” to offer her patrons in NYC.

Another must-shop boutique in Soho is Miu Miu—Prada’s more youthful sister label. While her creative process for designing Prada is more deliberate and sophisticated, as Miuccia Prada explains, “Miu Miu is immediate…much more naïve.” She designs Miu Miu spontaneously and instinctively, never coming up with more than three solutions to a design project.

Céline’s Soho boutique offers many exclusive items. This trendy and minimalist French brand features bold designs in read-to-wear, shoes, jewelry and accessories. It features many statement pieces—such as its signature Luggage Tote handbag, fashion-forward jackets and coats.  It has established itself as an influential cult brand with a handful of standalone boutiques in America.

New York’s Iconic Department Stores

New York does everything with style and flair. Even ordinary department stores you know and love from your own neck of the woods are somehow elevated to new heights when they are on the streets of Manhattan.

Here are a few that you won’t want to miss…

Arguably America’s most beloved and storied department store is Macy’s in Herald square. Not only is it the centerpiece of America’s most popular Thanksgiving parade, it offers some of the most elaborate display windows, and offers the top fashion brands, furniture, cosmetics, housewares, gifts and more.

Bloomingdale’s claim to fame is that it is the only national upscale, full-service department store. Their flagship location at 59th St. offers not only a full line of distinctive products, but featured designers’ merchandise, as well as world-class customer services.

Saks Fifth Avenue is one of NYC’s most notable department stores. From its in-store boutiques, to its fanciful holiday light shows, to a shoe department so large it has its own zip code, Saks is not to be missed.

The Customer Service Continues…

Just like in any of the fine shops of Manhattan, its often the customer service you will remember.

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