The Art Inside: Hidden Design Details of The Marmara

The Art Inside: Hidden Design Details of The Marmara

The Marmara Park Avenue endeavors to express the highest levels of elegance, style, and hospitality to our guests. These qualities are present everywhere within our walls.

You can see them in the sophisticated interior designs of Joe Ginsberg. You can feel them in the custom furniture adorning every room. You can sense them in the superior service our staff provides. You can even surround yourself in them while you experience our sumptuous Turkish hammam.


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These qualities are also present everywhere on our walls. In our effort to provide a beautiful and comfortable experience for our guests, we have curated—and proudly display—a stunning collection of art, sculpture, and photography created by some of the most talented artists, designers, photographers and sculptors in the world.

These pieces of art signify not only the artist who created it, but our commitment to culture and refinement in all we do.

Just like any great work, the art at The Marmara Park Avenue gives our guests something beautiful and creative to look at, while hopefully stimulating their thoughts and feelings.

Here are some of our featured artists and their work on display at the Marmara Park Avenue:

“Rainbow” by Ayşe Gül Süter

Ayşe Gül Süter hails from Istanbul. Her passion for movement and design led her to study animation and digital art right here in New York City at NYU’s Tisch School of the Art.

Süter creates stunning pieces in a variety of media and video that are inspired by the shapes, energy, and color of microscopic marine and plant life viewed under a microscope. Many of her projects stem from the collaborative work she does with marine biologists and computer engineers.

She is also internationally known. She received the Turkish Cultural Foundation Cultural Exchange Fellowship in 2016 and shows her work throughout the world at galleries in Turkey, Israel, Greece, Barcelona, the United States, and more.

At the Marmara Park Avenue, you can see Süter’s “Rainbow.” This imaginative installation of colored lights on dichroic glass is inspired by the iodized rocks found in Mount Ida. The artist intends to stimulate the viewer’s imagination.

“Untitled” by Çınar Eslek

Çınar Eslek was born in Turkey, and studied at both the Mimar Sinan University, and Marmara University. She works in not only in paint and other fine art mediums, but also photography and video.

She has exhibited extensively throughout Turkey, Macedonia, Korea, and France—where she held a residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

Eslek’s poetic visuals center around the human form and spirituality. She is fascinated by the body’s ability to both thrive and perish.

Her “Untitled” portrait—like so much of her work—is emotional and beautiful, with the artist reaching beyond time to create a haunting and non-representational composition.

“a002” by Kerem Ozan Byraktar

Kerem Ozan Byraktar is another one of our featured artists from Istanbul. He studied at Marmara University and the University of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and has exhibited at galleries throughout the world.

Byraktar works in a variety of media including CGI, paint, photography and video. The theme of each project dictates the materials he chooses to use.

In “a002,” Byraktar deploys various materials to create this completely 3-D modeled subject.

This form (of a perfect yet non-existent human) signifies loneliness and emptiness stemming from the civilization we have created— a familiar theme in much of Byraktar’s work.


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 “New York 001” by Jak Baruh

Jak Baruh’s interest in photography began as a child. In high school, he created a photography club with his friends. He then went on to study in Switzerland and London before settling in New York City to work professionally as a photographer.

While living in Manhattan, Baruh was deeply influenced by its ultra-modern landscape, towering skyscrapers, steady flow of people, and the constantly-changing play of light and shadow that transforms its appearance.

With this inspiration, Baruh began a series of photographic images which capture his fascination with the luminosity and fast pace of New York City.

In “New York 001,” Baruh is able to freeze a moment in time which perfectly represents the elements of the city that motivate him the most: speed, texture, and light.

Artful Hospitality

Beauty and design is not limited to only our gorgeous lobby, or the art hanging on our walls. Every element in our rooms, lofts, and penthouses has been carefully designed and crafted with your comfort and pleasure in mind.

From the marble in our bathrooms, to our luxurious bedding, to our oversized loft windows, high ceilings, custom furniture, private terraces, luxurious amenities and more, we specialize in the art of hospitality.

We invite you to step inside our hotel for a vacation from the ordinary.