The Coziest Dinner Spots in Manhattan

The sounds and hustle of New York City have an unapologetic way of becoming an intrinsic part of who we are. As New Yorkers, it’s the feel of the city, the places we go, the dinner spots we favor, and the people we see that make it the home we miss when we’re away. For visitors, this city gives a feeling of having experienced something truly special and a yearning to return when saying goodbye.

So, while we’re in town staying at New York’s exquisite Marmara Hotel, why not make the most of every Manhattan dining moment. When thoughts turn to dinner, there’s no better way to experience Manhattan than the cozier, inviting dinner spots.

Revel in their individual qualities, each one a little different from the other.

Start with these.

Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs (TriBeCa)

This historic meticulously restored building offers diners a chance to live the lives of those in the 1800’s. It’s also a must-visit dinner spot.

Adorned with the ornate architectural features of the time, the interiors are married with surprisingly compatible rustic paneling and antique wallpaper.

Anything goes here with food ranging from matzo ball soup to exquisite fillet mignon. Don’t leave this dinner spot without experiencing the steamed mussels accompanied by seeded country bread.

It’s worth knowing more about this very special place, not just because of the historic value but as a take-home lesson in how the best in age-old settings can be paired successfully with modern-day comfort and genuine hospitality.

Where: 135 West Broadway. New York, NY 10013

Reservations: (212) 374-1135,


Lucien (East Village)

If authentic, stunningly beautiful French bistros are on your wish list then Lucien ticks all the boxes.

The word cozy is an understatement for this establishment and favorite East Village dinner spot. It is so inviting that there’s no doubt patrons have decided, without consultation from the owner, that this will be their new residence (at least for a few hours a day).

Such are the feelings of being transported to the best of French eateries.

Lucien serves traditional dishes such as Escargot, Bouillabaisse, and the ever-popular Moules Mariniere. While not strictly a seafood restaurant, there is no shortage of options for those partial to piscatory pleasures. Start with the oysters of the day and work your way through this delightful menu. For meat lovers, the steak frites is a must.

Where: 14 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

Reservations: (212) 260-6481

Per Se

Fine dining at its best is how Per Se has been described, and with good reason.

Apart from the immediate feeling of serenity and intimacy, the promise of extraordinary cuisine awaits at this top dinner spot. A combination of contemporary American and French food, this restaurant doesn’t disappoint. Degustation menus are the order of the day with vegans and vegetarians not forgotten. In fact the menu items are extensive for all lovers of beef, seafood, and game. End the evening with irresistibly presented desserts. Your first visit will not be your last. Learn about the Providores and how Per Se treats and sees their produce. And then experience the end result for yourself.

Go for the seating near the fireplace if you can, and especially if the chilly weather is on your side. Regardless, views of central park will elevate any mood.

This three Michelin-starred property will have you rethinking what the standards should be in culinary excellence and superior and genuine hospitality.

Where: 10 Columbus Circle, New York, 10019

Reservations: (212) 823-9335,


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Smith and Mills

Atmosphere is a very powerful thing. It not only evokes emotion, but more importantly, it creates memories. Lasting ones.

Designed with a reverence for old-world charms, and industrial eloquence Smith and Mills envelops patrons in a yester-year setting with a seating arrangement that encourages warmth and meaningful conversation.

The food at this dinner spot completes the room with menus ranging from simple but appetizing to warming comfort at its best. Don’t neglect the bar for some of the best cocktails in NYC.

This is one of those places to be marked on a calendar for return visits.

Whether a first date or a romantic celebration with the best person you know, this charming restaurant overflows with ambiance and romanticism.

Experience this unique venue seven days a week.

Where: 71 N. Moore Street New York, NY 10013

Reservations: (646) 858-1433


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One if by Land, Two if by Sea

If coziness were a person, it would look a lot like this restaurant. Romantically dressed, and tasteful to the end, this dinner spot is sure to please. Not a thing out of place, but always ready for what life may bring her way.

A bit like New York City, really.

One step inside this 1767 carriage house conversion and you’ll see why. From the floorboards to the brickwork and flawless lighting, no wonder this has made the list of the top five most romantic restaurants in the city.

Delectable American cuisine overseen by the executive chef is some of the finest you will have the pleasure of eating. Try your best to choose between the 3 courses,7 courses, or the tasting menu. You’ll be back for the ones you didn’t.

Where: 17 Barrow St New York, NY 10014

Reservations: (212) 255-8649

The Grill

While the word grill is not generally used in the same context as cozy, this restaurant and dinner spot can be whatever you make it.

Imagine a place where all of your senses are engaged. From the sizzling sounds to the sensational aromas and the mouth-watering flavors, The Grill offers a truly unique experience.

Aged beef, butter and herb adorned seafood, and superbly cooked game birds. This is not your average chophouse or run-of-the-mill dinner spot.

Is this fine dining? If you like the endless array of comfort and the ability to sit with a glass of wine and your favorite steak or pasta and sides, then yes. This is more than fine.

With American cuisine some consider comforting and familiar, the origins of this restaurant lean more in midcentury elegance where a steakhouse was the place to be and be seen.

It’s the differences that make something stand out from a crowd, and this restaurant certainly has it in volumes.

Come once, and you’ll be back.

Where: The Seagram Building 99 East 52nd St New York, NY 10022

Reservations: (212) 375 9001,

Manhattan dining offers something for everyone, especially with these dinner spots. Whether a romantic night out of simply a taste of Manhattan’s finest during your stay, it’s the experience that matters, and it is that which you will take away with you.

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