the new york city boroughs, explained

New York City consists of 5 eye-capturing boroughs, each presenting its own local culture.  Let’s explore New York City boroughs in detail before planning your trip. 


The Bronx is where hip-hop was born and reached its climax. Now the borough is famous for its urban green spaces. 

The Bronx has lots to offer, both for solo travelers and large families. You can visit the world-famous Bronx Zoo, the largest urban zoo in the country. Or just go on a walk through Pelham Bay Park, Van Cortlandt Park, or the New York Botanical Garden. The fresh air and green will mesmerize you eventually.

That’s not all. Yankee Stadium gives you the chance to see superb matches while learning baseball history with excellent tours and knowledgeable guides. 


Brooklyn is the place of hipsters, history, and happiness. It’s mostly considered a cultural hub because it perfectly mingles old and new.

Mostly you get two different experiences in the two famous neighborhoods of Brooklyn. On the one hand, Williamsburgh gives you artistry, music, and mouth-watering food. On the other hand, Park Slope & Prospect Heights give you fresh air, lots of green, and prosperity. 

The borough is home to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, which is a must for your NYC travel album. If you are interested in seeing amazing shows, Coney Island welcomes you for a magical experience.


The first thing coming to mind when mentioning NYC is, of course, Manhattan. This place is for those who live fast.

Manhattan offers you world-class experiences, a fabulous section from a movie while you play the leading role. The most reputed places in the borough: Central Park, Empire State Building, Times Square, or Broadway. That’s not even all. 

Museum enthusiasts prefer The Upper East Side, whereas The Upper West Side is amazing for nature-lovers. And Greenwich Village offers a classic but stunning New York experience. The Marmara Park Avenue is also here. Within walking distance to all these world-famous places.


In Queens, enjoy suburban bliss while exploiting big city extravaganza.

Name what you want from a neighborhood? Everything you wish for, you’ll find in Queens. Astoria’s Greek food with Flushing’s Asian cuisine makes your mouth wide open. For surfers, Rockaway Beach is waiting for you to discover.

Queens is also great to appeal to your soul artistically with a notable cultural diversity. Give a chance Socrates Sculpture Park, an outdoor sculpture museum, trumpet great Louis Armstrong’s home, and The American Museum of Moving Image

staten island

Staten Island presents a family package: green, affordable, and kid-friendly.

Staten Island is the best location for families looking for nature and fun activities. Green areas are among the island’s attractions, with many trails and parks of Greenbelt. And undoubtedly, the beaches are great for kayaking or just sunbathing while kids enjoy the beach-time. 

It’s pretty reachable with the ferry that’s for free 24/7. You can add the 1920s St. George Theatre, the National Lighthouse Museum, and the Staten Island Museum in your travel plan for Staten Island.


Now that you are more familiar with the New York City boroughs, you can plan your trip or move to the city easier.  The Marmara Park Avenue is located in the heart of NYC so that you can visit all the New Your City boroughs easily during your stay. Book now!

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