The Ultimate Guide to Taking a Self-Guided Manhattan Tour

The Ultimate Guide to Taking a Self-Guided Manhattan Tour

There are plenty of ways to explore Manhattan. From a moving theater motorcoach to helicopter tours, there is an option to suit you.

In our opinion, however, the best way to view important NYC landmarks, famous eateries, monuments, and more is on foot, at your own pace. A self-guided Manhattan tour allows you to see everything you want and none of the things you don’t. Even better, a walking tour of Manhattan means you get to experience the city the way most native New Yorkers do.

Here are a few of the greatest attractions Manhattan has to offer, all of which are just a short distance from The Marmara Park Avenue.

1 – penelope nyc on lexington ave

Penelope NYC is a great choice if you want to eat a fabulous breakfast or brunch before beginning your tour. This little café serves American cuisine, and it takes approximately three minutes to walk there from The Marmara Park Avenue.

2 – empire state building

The next stop is this architectural wonder built in 1930. It was completed in record time and remained the tallest building in the world for 40 years.

3 – bryant park

Bryant Park was once famous for being the home of New York Fashion Week. However, the event outgrew the space. Still, Bryant Park is known as “Manhattan’s Town Square,” which makes it a must-see part of our self-guided Manhattan walking tour. You’ll find low-key events, coffee, and good food daily. During the summer, Bryant Park is home to the popular event series, Picnic Performances.

4 – chrysler building

It may not be taller than the Empire State Building, but this art deco wonder is older and arguably more iconic.


5 – grand central terminal 

By this time, you’ll probably be ready for lunch. Why not use the opportunity to see another Manhattan attraction? Grand Central Terminal is a beautiful piece of architecture and perhaps most famous

for its Main Concourse Information Booth Clock. Check out the well-reviewed Oyster Bar while you’re there.

6 – museum of modern art

Stop in to view world-famous artwork. There are always new and exciting exhibitions, but some of the most prized pieces include The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo Picasso, and The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.

7 – central park

You could spend all day in Central Park. This green space in the midst of the busy city has extensive gardens, walking paths, boat rentals, a zoo, monuments, fascinating architectural feats, and more.

8 – los tacos no. 1 in times square

This is another opportunity to eat at a great spot in the city while also enjoying the view. Times Square is a must-see on anyone’s trip to NYC. Have some delicious tacos and walk around the brightly lit square before heading back to rest your feet at The Marmara Park Avenue. 

This list is a great guide for anyone new to the city or anyone who simply has not had a chance to see the sights Manhattan offers. Chances are, however, that you’ll pass by a store or stumble upon a performance not mentioned on this list, and your day will take a completely different turn.

That’s the beauty of New York, and that’s the beauty of a self-guided Manhattan tour.

Stay at The Marmara Park Avenue for the best starting point on this walking tour of NYC. Book now!