Wanderlust on Paws: Pet Friendliness

Wanderlust on Paws: Pet Friendliness

Throughout human history, animals of all kinds have been tamed, bred, and kept for a variety of purposes: work, pleasure, fur, and even sustenance.

While the bond between humans and domestic animals is nothing new, their place in our homes and hearts has evolved over the centuries.

Ancient Egyptians honored both cats and dogs as gods and goddesses, revering them for their hunting abilities. These pets were well respected; many were mummified just as humans in death, while their owners would shave their own eyebrows as a symbol of grief.

Cats have been a symbol of good luck in Japan since the Edo Period. According to legend, the Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) saved a man’s life by “waving” at him with his paw, drawing the man away from a spot that was subsequently struck by lightning.

Romans used dogs as protectors, hunters and guardians. Toy dogs may have been kept to help control rats during The Black Plague, while the “Italian Greyhound” breed kept their masters warm at night under the covers.

Sleeping with a pet remains, for many, a source of comfort and relaxation—even if they don’t share your bed.

In a recent Mayo Clinic sleep study, the vast majority of survey respondents reported that they “perceived their pets as unobtrusive or even beneficial to sleep.”

At The Marmara Park Avenue, we realize that lodging away from home with your furry family member offers our guests much more than just a restful night’s sleep.


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Pets: They’re Good For Your Health

Spending time with a pet is possibly one of the best ways to relieve stress. At the end of a long day or taxing experience, studies show that even brief encounters with a four-legged companion can reduce the stress hormone cortisol, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and even combat depression and anxiety.

After a high-pressure business meeting, a busy day sight-seeing, or a night out on the town, we know how important it is for many of our guests to come home to the unconditional love and warm companionship of their pets.

Pets can help us live longer too. A recent study shows that dog owners are less likely to smoke or be overweight. They add structure and purpose to our lives and can even help us be more active and physically fit.

In a city like New York, there are many dog-friendly spaces that are fun for both dogs and owners. Just a few blocks south of The Marmara Park Avenue is Madison Square Park. This beautiful slice of nature is a wonderful place for a relaxing stroll with Fido, and even features a dog run and socializing doggie area.


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New York City Loves Pets

Speaking of socializing, pets bring people together; they are great ice-breakers and conversation-starters.

Somehow, people with pets are more approachable. In a city as big as New York, a pet can help you meet people and make you feel like a part of the community.

Open to all

For many of our guests, staying with their pets is a necessity, due to personal situations or the need for extended stays.

Some of our guests may not have anyone to look after their pet while they are traveling on business or leisure. Or perhaps, they don’t feel comfortable leaving them at a kennel.

There’s no need to be separated from your four-legged friend at The Marmara Park Avenue. They are welcomed to share one of our elegant rooms or suites with you. Both you and your pet can enjoy New York City with all the comforts of home.


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We also have guests that are on extended stays for professional reasons or are in between permanent residences.

Often, entire families come to stay with us in one of our extended stay accommodations. Can you imagine having to be separated from your family pet for a prolonged period of time? We can’t either, and that’s why we are happy to welcome all guests (even those with fur and tails!)

Some of our guests require the assistance of a trained animal. It is our pleasure in those circumstances to make every arrangement to accommodate both them and their trusted companion.

Of course, many of the guests that bring their domestic animals do so simply because they just can’t bear to be apart from them.

No Pet Left Behind

Whatever the reason, rest assured knowing that your pets are as welcome at The Marmara Park Avenue as you are.

We pride ourselves on seeing to every detail that will make you feel at home during your stay. Knowing how important pets are to some of our patrons, we offer a pet-friendly oasis as part of our unique luxury experience.

Your comfort and ease are our top priority, so treating all of our guests like royalty is our business.

We look forward to pampering both you and your pet at The Marmara Park Avenue.

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