Where to Find Amazing Public Art Displays in NYC

Where to Find Amazing Public Art Displays in NYC

New York City has always been a place where creative minds gather. Whether artists are looking for opportunities, like-minded thinkers, or inspiration, it can all be found here.

As a result, the city is bursting with sculptures, paintings, and other forms of artistic expression. Some are impossible to miss, while others may require some searching.

Here is a list of a few of our favorite installations and their locations. All can be accessed with ease from The Marmara Park Avenue.

1 – Midnight Moment – Times Square

Since its inception in 2012, Midnight Moment has provided a cultural outlet for established and emerging artists, using the digital billboards of Times Square as a gallery.

2 – Black Lives Matter Murals – throughout the five boroughs

There are a total of eight Black Lives Matter murals painted on the streets of NYC. From The Marmara Park Avenue, the two closest examples are in front of Trump Tower and on Centre Street. The Black Lives Matter movement is history in the making, and we recommend taking the opportunity to experience this small piece of it in action.


3 – Ghost Forest by Maya Lin – Madison Square Park

This installation of forty-nine Atlantic white cedar trees, all standing around forty feet tall, is a sobering commentary on the effects of climate change. To accompany the display of endangered trees, Lin created a soundtrack that includes sounds of animals once native to Manhattan.

4 – Red Exit by Andrea Carlson – Whitney Museum of American Art

This captivating painting can be viewed from the street outside of the museum until September 2021, when we have no doubt something equally stunning will take Red Exit’s place. This piece is an expression of the artist’s feelings on how Native Americans, particularly her own Ojibwe tribe, have fit into North American history thus far, as well as her hopes for their future.

5 – Reclining Liberty by Zaq Landsberg – Morningside Park

This 24-foot replica of The Statue of Liberty is available to view until April 2022. This is an interactive sculpture, and park visitors are welcome to sit on the statue, take pictures, etc. Its inspiration, however, isn’t all fun and games. After a trying year, Landsberg implied that Lady Liberty is tired: “Is the U.S. as an entity forever upright and tall, is it an eventual decline and fall, or is there another stage for the country that will transcend this symbol altogether?”

6 – Sculptures by Jim Rennert – Pershing Square

A collection of three sculptures, titled Timing, Inner Dialogue, and Listen, can be viewed in Pershing Square, across from Grand Central Terminal. These are intended to be “kindred spirits” too busy souls passing through the park.Whether the art that draws you is full of whimsy or requires more severe contemplation, you can find it in the art displays in NYC.

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