Why New York is the Ideal Luxury Getaway

Tourism in New York City has steadily increased for the eighth consecutive year, with the Daily News reporting a record-breaking 62.8 million visitors in 2017.
These phenomenal numbers make it easy for Mayor DiBlasio to boast about something The Marmara Park Avenue has long recognized and celebrated: “the value of our city.”

Moreover, with Manhattan’s style, innovation and excellence in our DNA, we embody the exceptional qualities of this beloved metropolis we call home.
Along with being minutes away from the finest entertainment, cuisine, fashion, culture, and attractions, our hotel is an emerging NYC landmark offering world-class, luxury accommodations and amenities.

As proud ambassadors of New York City let us highlight some of the reasons we believe our city is the ideal luxury getaway destination.


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Premier Entertainment

In the immortal lyrics of Manhattan’s quintessential theme song—New York, New York—Frank Sinatra muses, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”
Truly, “making it” in New York City is the pinnacle of any entertainer’s career.

There is nothing as exciting as live theatre, and Broadway features actors, singers, dancers, set designers, lighting experts, musicians and other creative professionals at the absolute top of their game. From show-stopping musicals to cutting-edge plays, Broadway is the gold standard by which all other theatre is measured.

Sometimes, the only difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway is an address or seating capacity. Off-Broadway shows offer a fantastic alternative, many featuring established Broadway talent and Hollywood stars alongside talented up-and-comers. Who knows? You might even catch the next Broadway smash before it makes its way to The Great White Way.

New York City also offers the best in live music—from intimate venues and nightclubs to iconic venues such as Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, the Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall, The Apollo and more.

As one of the world’s most influential dance meccas, enthusiasts will thrill to a wide variety of dance expression from ballet, contemporary, modern dance and hip-hop to cultural dance forms from around the world.

World-class Cuisine

Just as entertainers dream of making it in New York City, so too do the world’s best chefs (thankfully for all of us).

Manhattan’s world-renowned restaurant scene offers cuisine as diverse and vibrant as the city itself featuring everything from American to ethnic, traditional to innovative.
From its 72 Michelin-rated restaurants to historic eating establishments, neighborhood bistros, trendy eateries and more, New York City continues to lead the world in both cutting-edge cuisine and traditional fare of all varieties.

There is literally something for everyone, with a seemingly limitless array of restaurants.

Well, not entirely limitless—you would run out of choices in roughly 23 years if you ate at a different establishment every day!

A Flight of Fashion

Style has always gone hand-in-hand with New York City.


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The world’s most influential fashion designers are indelibly linked with this city hailed for its sophistication, innovation, and influence within the fashion industry.
This is a shopping destination like no other. From the iconic designer shops along 5th Avenue to lavish department stores and unique boutiques, fashion has always been a tour de force in New York City.

Culture at its Finest

Manhattan features some of the finest museums and influential art collections in the world.
Hundreds of permanent displays, as well as new and exciting exhibits, fill the walls and halls of museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA, The Whitney, the American Museum of Natural History, the Solomon R. Guggenheim, and hundreds of smaller museums, galleries and exhibition spaces.
Whether you are interested in work from bourgeoning new artists or the old masters, New York City has countless opportunities to feast your eyes and feel inspired.

Attractions that Attract

A large part of New York City’s charm lies in its attractions and landmarks.
People from around the world pour into the city every day to: catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, check out the view from the Empire State Building’s observation decks, spend a day in Central Park, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, visit the 9/11 memorial, experience the thrill of Times Square, and so much more.

Welcome “Home” to New York

No matter how long your stay, The Marmara Park Avenue offers you a luxurious home away from home.
Our boutique hotel is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. All rooms are stylish and comfortable with extra-large loft windows, custom-designed furniture, wood floors and many private terraces. We also offer extended-stay lofts and deluxe penthouse accommodations. Our staff is friendly, our bathrooms are spacious and elegant, and our bedding is plush—just what you need after a long, busy day.
Let us spoil you with many amenities such as Nespresso coffeemakers, complimentary iPad air devices, large-screen TVs, turn-down service and so much more.


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For an added treat, every guest has unlimited access to our subterranean pool, fitness center, and prize jewel of our wellness center: our Turkish hammam.
Even pets are welcome to make you feel right at home as you experience this great city in grand style.
Elevate your trip to New York with a breathtaking helicopter tour.

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