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Quick Trips

While New York City is full of energy and attractions, sometimes it is nice to escape the city. Several small towns within driving distance make a perfect day trip destination. Rental a car and take a quick trip out of the city to experience the beauty and history of the region.

Cornwall, NY


About an hour's drive by car from New York City is Cornwall. There are rolling green hills and impressive large sculptures. A highlight of the town is the Storm King Art Center. It is a 500-acre park that features art from over 100 artists. You can ride a tram for the guided tour or walk around the park on your own. There are also bicycles available for rent to make getting around easier. If the weather is nice, the park is a photographer's dream.

Cold Spring, NY 

cold spring

Head 50 miles north of Manhattan, and you'll be in the quaint town of Cold Spring. Located on the Hudson River, there is an impressive amount of history here. The town was founded in the early 18th century. Stroll through downtown and make your way through the shops, coffee houses, boutiques, and restaurants. Take the ferry to the remains of Bannerman Castle. Built-in 1901, it is a shell of its former glory. Francis Bannerman was an ammunition dealer who needed a place to store his wares outside of the city. He found Pollepel Island and built storage and a home for his family. Tragedy struck one day, causing an explosion and fire to the castle. Today, you can tour the grounds and see what is left of the castle and other structures.  

Sleepy Hollow, NY

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The town of Sleepy Hollow is the inspiration behind the famous story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Because of this, the cemetery gets the majority of the attention. Several famous people are buried here, making for a strange and interesting experience. You can also visit a preserved farm and mill dating back to 1750. The grounds are a museum today that lets you experience life in early American history.  

New Paltz, NY  

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This lively college town is perfectly placed on a curve of the Wallkill River. There is a surprisingly wholesome atmosphere in the town. You'll find pleasant hiking trails, farmers' markets, and a welcoming town center. Historic Huguenot Street is a must-see, with stone homes built in the 18th century. You can purchase a day pass to the famous Mohonk Mountain House. It has a world-class spa, an indoor heated pool, and plenty of family activities.  

North Fork, NY  

north fork

The area of North Fork is famous for its wine country. It is located on the eastern end of Long Island. The best wineries are located along Main Road, making it easy to try the different wine offerings. You could walk from one winery to the next. However, there are upscale tours available that will provide luxury transportation.  

Hamilton, NJ 

grounds for sculpture

For an elevated and artistic experience, visit the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton. There are 270 pieces of contemporary art to discover on 42 acres. Hidden among the rolling hills and gardens are secret spots that you are encouraged to seek out. There is also an indoor art gallery. You can finish your day at the upscale on-site restaurant. The menu features elegant dishes you would find at any high-end restaurant in the city.  

With so much to see and do in New York City, it can be tempting to not venture out. However, you would miss the beautiful and culturally rich towns in the surrounding area. So leave the city's hustle behind and take one of these quick trips.