New York Taxi

Ways to Get Around

New York City is a metropolis that has multiple transportation options. This makes it easy to travel around the city to the different neighborhoods and Burroughs. You don’t have to choose a simple transportation method for your entire trip. Instead, you may find that using multiple methods will make for the most enjoyable trip.  

On Foot  

Native New Yorkers are known for walking. So, follow the local’s lead and head out to see the city on foot. Just be prepared for the quick speed that the locals walk at. However, strolling through the park or across the Brooklyn Bridge will be a relaxing and fun experience. There are also many walking tours throughout the city. 


Riding bicycles is also another popular option for getting around the city. You can rent them for the hour or the day. Another option is to book a bicycle tour. This gives you a guided ride around a particular part of the city.  


The taxis in New York City are easy to recognize with their iconic yellow paint jobs and illuminated roof signs. They are popular with tourists and locals. To hire one, simply hail one driving by that has its sign lit. You’ll get in and tell the driver where you want to go. You can pay with cash or a card.  


Another popular transportation option is the subway. It’s underground, so you can avoid inclement weather and traffic. There are almost 500 subway stations throughout the city, so there’s sure to be a stop anywhere you want to go. The subway operates 24 hours a day, so you never have to worry about closing or shut down times.  


As New York City is an island, it only makes sense that ferries are an integral part of the transportation system. The extensive ferry system makes it easier to get from uptown to downtown. You can also use the ferries for traveling to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and New Jersey. The ferries operate during specific times and range in price, so plan ahead.  


There is an extensive public bus system that connects the entire city. They fill in the gap where the subway system doesn’t have stops. To ride the bus, you will need a MetroCard or exact change. Check the bus route on the front before boarding. Some buses will stop at all stops on the route, while others make limited stops. The bus system operates 24 hours a day.  

Private Car Service  

Book a private car service and driver to escort you around the city. This is extremely convenient, as you do not have to worry about driving. If you are staying at a hotel, you can have the hotel arrange the service for you. With this type of transportation, you can have door-to-door service and come and go as you please without worrying about a transportation schedule.  

Car Rental  

Most people living in New York City do not own a car. The traffic is known to be heavy at all hours of the day. The parking is also limited and expensive. If you plan on taking quick trips outside of the city center, then a rental car will be a smart choice. This lets you travel around on your own time.  

New York City is a very walkable city, making it easy to get around to the different attractions and things to do. While traffic is an issue, there are plenty of other transportation options. That way, if you don’t want to walk, you can still easily navigate the city.