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Open Hours 6 AM - 1 AM
Aerial view of the Central Park

Central Park was the first public park built in America. Today, it is host to over 25 million guests per year. It is popular with both locals and tourists. This is because it is so large and is situated in the middle of bustling Manhattan. The park has over 50 monuments, fountains, and sculptures. In addition, over 36 arches and bridges create picturesque locations for a casual walk or photography. The 843 acres of the park are large enough to keep you entertained all day.  

History of Central Park

In 1811, the grid network plan was introduced for the future of a fast-growing New York City. Developers and city leaders wanted to ensure there were natural places that city residents could escape to. As part of this effort, philanthropists began a movement to build a green space that would serve the community and elevate New York City on the world stage.  

The land chosen was a rocky swamp with small farms and settlements. A contest was held for people to submit plans to turn this disappointing piece of property into a world-class park. Olmsted won the contest with a plan that would create spaces for people of all classes and backgrounds to congregate and enjoy the park.  

Aerial view of the Central Park

Construction of the park began in 1858 and continued for 15 years. The original budget was $5 million for the project. However, the completed project cost about $14 million. A team of workers moved five million cubic yards of earth to accomplish the winning plan. The building included 11 overpasses, transverse roads, and 36 bridges and arches. The rolling hills and landscaping were all handmade. Then, finally, over 500,000 plants were added.  

Unfortunately, no long-term plan was implemented for the park’s maintenance. This led to a decline in its condition. By 1934, it was in desperate need of a revival. Not only did the park receive an overhaul, 19 playgrounds, ballfields, and handball courts were added.  

Individual groups worked independently to maintain the park over the years. However, in 1980, those groups came together to form a singular Central Park Conservancy in partnership with the City. This created a unified effort to protect, maintain, and improve the park. Since this formation, almost $1 billion has been invested in the park.  


Central Park measures 2.5 miles long from North to South. It is a half-mile wide from East to West. The park is divided into three sections, North, Mid-Park, and South.  

Things To Do  

You will find plenty of things to do in NYC that will entertain the entire family. Tours will take you around Central Park, showing you the most interesting sites while telling you about the park’s rich history. Ice skating rinks are a must during the winter months. Paddle boat rentals are popular during the summer months. The Zoo and aquarium give the park an exotic touch.  

Exercise and Sports  

There are several sports fields and complexes throughout Central Park. They are perfect places for locals to gather and play recreational sports, youth leagues, and casual games.  

  • Baseball fields  

  • Basketball courts

  • Bicycling and greenways 

  • Fishing  
  • Fitness equipment  
  • Handball courts  
  • Horseback riding trails  
  • Outdoor pools  
  • Ice skating rinks  
  • 21 Playgrounds  
  • Soccer fields  
  • Spray shower
  • Tennis court
  • Volleyball courts 


Grabbing a bite to eat is convenient within the park. There are food carts throughout where you can purchase something small at. There are also several cafes for something more substantial but fast and casual.  

If you want a more formal and elevated dining experience, consider Tavern on the Green. The restaurant is almost as old as the park. Opening in the 1930s, it is regarded as an “it” place to dine among New York City’s elite and wealthy.  

How To Visit  

Visiting Central Park is easy, as it is open seven days a week from 6 am to 1 am. There are several entry points around the perimeter of the park. You do not need to purchase tickets or make reservations.  

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